Our Yarns

When sourcing wool for our yarns, we made the conscious decision to only source natural materials, sourced ethically and sustainably from the picturesque landscapes of Uruguay. In order to keep the yarns 100% wool, we developed our unique signature ply technique, which is what truly makes our yarn a yarn like no other.

Our yarns are meticulously spun to create yarns of unparalleled quality and character, without compromising values.

With commitment to both the environment and craftsmanship, our yarns not only reflect the beauty of nature but also allow the essence of artistry to shine forth. We strive to ensure each of our customers' creations is a testament to this passion for caring for the earth as well as superior quality materials.

For more information on our company and how our yarns were developed, see our About Us page.

  • "Laneras' Yarn is yarn to drool over. The colors and the feel are just exquisite. This is the yarn that I buy when I don't even have a project in mind - I just have to have some of these jewels in my stash!"

  • "The quality of the yarn and the consistency of the colors takes the guesswork out of all my projects."

  • "Laneras yarn is so soft to the touch, and it is a pleasure to knit with!"