Quality from the ground up

Our wool is grown by sheep raised with the highest standards for ethical treatment as well as environmental concerns.

  • Wool

    Not only is wool an incredible renewable fiber, with a myriad of benefits for the environment, but our wool is processed using over 90% renewable energy. It's hard to get more earth friendly than that.

  • Signature Ply

    In order to avoid adding any synthetic fibers to our yarns, such as nylon or polyamid, we've developed our own, unique spinning method. Designed to add strength, as compared to traditionally spun 100% wool yarns, our Signature Ply also gives our yarn it's signature look.

  • Colors

    Using the highest quality dyes, which meet OEKO-TEX standards for enviromental friendliness, we've created a myriad of unique and striking colorways. Plus, we can dye each of our colorways on your base of choice, giving you the ability to find the perfect yarn in perfect the color.

  • "I can see that Nikki and Jay really care about their company, their yarn and their customers! Very friendly communications and quick shipping! Not to mention the gorgeous yarn!!!"

  • "I have never had the level of customer service that I enjoy from Nikki and Jay. They respond quickly and are always helpful. When I have had special needs they have gone out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. The level of customer service sets the bar for others!"

  • "Laneras has created my dream palette. I am in love with every delicious color and could stare for hours at the shifts in their variegated yarns. I also love the imagination behind the names based on some of my favorite books and movies."