About Us

What makes Laneras a Yarn Like No Other?

We believe we are stewards of our land, it is our responsibility to care for our earth, and all our decisions are made with this in mind.  

Stack of colorful yarn, in moody shades of greens, reds and oranges, with blips of brighter specks due to Signature Ply technique.


At Laneras Yarn Co., we are grounded in our commitment to ethical sourcing, sustainable practices, and creative excellence. We are honored to collaborate with family-owned companies steeped in the artistry of wool and yarn for decades. Together, we bring you a yarn that embodies not only the richness of tradition but also the vision of a brighter, more conscientious future.


Our journey begins

We began this wooly adventure with a deep passion for the fiber arts.

Caucasian female with glasses and hair pulled back into a braid, sits with a wool blanket on her lap, a wool shawl around her shoulders, and lovingly cradles wheels of wool yarn stacked in her arms.

Bringing this passion together with a desire to have a positive impact in the world, we began with sourcing our fibers exclusively from ethically raised sheep. We believe that true beauty stems from integrity, and that is why we carefully partner with family-owned farms that prioritize the well-being of their flocks. These farms, passed down through generations, nurture their sheep amidst untouched landscapes, allowing them to roam freely on natural pastures. Through careful research and dedication, these farms have developed the highest standards in the industry in order to grow world class wool in the most conscientious way - from the way the treatment of the sheep to the stewardship of the land. This heritage of compassionate husbandry infuses our yarn with a story that resonates with the spirit of craftsmanship and respect for nature.


Moving beyond sustainable

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond the source of our wool. Laneras Yarn Co. proudly partners with companies that have a longstanding commitment to renewable energy and sustainable practices. These companies epitomize the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, and strive to remain the leaders in environmentally friendly practices. These practices apply to our washable wools as well, as the facilities which treat the wool are committed to environmental care. All water is collected rainwater, all liquid and solid effluents are treated to meet the highest standards, and are re-used onsite. In fact, due to their commitment to sustainability, the factory was recently re-evaluated as carbon negative, which means they are removing more carbon from the environment that they are producing. 

Two windmills set in a large field, with deep blue skies and wispy clouds above.

At Laneras Yarn Co., we recognize that truly benefitting the earth will take more than utilizing sustainable practices. For this reason, we have committed to working with farms who are practicing regenerative farming, which goes beyond sustainable practices to actually revive the environment beginning with the soil. By adopting regenerative practices, farmers can build climate resilience, and contribute to a more sustainable and nourishing ecosystem for present and future generations.


Unparalleled Yarn 

After putting so much thought and consideration into sourcing and processing our wool, we wanted to make sure we keep as much of this goodness as possible in our final product. Thus we developed our Signature Ply technique, which is unique in the commercial yarn industry. We've worked with our mill to develop a particular way of spinning the fibers, to add a bit more strength and durability to the yarn, as compared to a traditionally spun and plied 100% wool yarn. Using this technique allows us to keep our yarns 100% wool, with no added synthetic materials. The result is a yarn that transcends the ordinary, with each strand emanating texture, character, and creative possibility. Whether you're an experienced knitter or an aspiring artist, Laneras Yarn Co. provides you with a medium that unleashes the limitless boundaries of your imagination.

As you hold our yarn in your hands, you'll feel the tender touch of nature, the vibrant hues of sustainable craftsmanship, and the enduring spirit of generational expertise. Laneras Yarn Co. invites you to embark on a transformative journey, where your creations are infused with the values of compassion, sustainability, and boundless artistry.

Together, let us embrace a world where beauty and ethics are seamlessly woven into every stitch.

Jay and Nikki, Founders of Laneras Yarn Co., wearing red knitted garments

Jay and Nikki, founders of Laneras Yarn Co., share a passion for color, fiber, and making the world a better place.