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Here you can find all the colors we’ve created, and choose which base you’d like!
All colors shown are dyed on our superwash merino bases. Please note that colors dyed on non-superwash bases will have more subdued colors – slightly less vibrant and variegated. Colors dyed on Polwarth and/or Corriedale will also be slightly different, due to the different fiber content. We do try our best to replicate the colors as best as possible on any base!

Helpful tip:

You can compare colors by clicking the compare button, then hover over “My Account” in the menu and choose compare to view your choices horizontally. 

To view your choices vertically, and share your list of items, click the little heart on an item, then view your wishlist!

Meet Our Fall 2021 Palette!


We’ve recently decided to rename our Harry Potter inspired names. It’s very unfortunate that J. K. Rowling has made many statements that cause people in the trans community, and their supporters, to feel deeply upset.

We strive to make sure our customers always feel welcome and appreciated, and realize that carrying colorways named after someone who does the opposite of making them feel loved and appreciated undermines our goals.

Please note the following name changes, effective immediately:

Albus is now Empower

Grindylow is now Bavaria

Gillyweed is now Bayou

Forbidden Forest is now Enchanted Forest

Sunshine Daisy is now Sunshine

Lucius is now Simply Wonderful

Butterbeer is now Fika

Fawkes is now Phoenix

Bellatrix is now Nevermore

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