Why Laneras?

February 28, 2021 By laneras

Why Laneras?

February 28, 2021


When Jay and I decided to start a yarn business back in 2018, we really had no idea how deep of a rabbit hole we were diving down. I was already a dedicated Knitter, spending every free moment creating works of art with yarn, checking off new techniques and skills as fast as I could. My husband Jay has always been an artist with a passion for color, so the idea of applying that flair to dyeing yarn seemed like it might be a fun project. If nothing else, I'd have some unique yarn, dyed with love by my husband, that I could use for my own creations. We had no idea just how satisfying it would be to create skein after skein of incredible colors. Sharing these yarns with our maker community has been an incredibly fulfilling experience, and every day we are so grateful to have such a wonderful community to share our passions with. 


As we began our company, we were committed to providing high quality yarns made with the finest materials. For us this meant using only natural fibers, we did not want to add any synthetic materials such as nylon or polyamide to our yarns to increase their strength. Just, pure, high quality wool. This first led us to searching for that incredible wool we would use to create our yarns. We sampled yarns from a variety of sources, but ultimately we went back to Jay's home country of Uruguay to source what we had now verified as the highest quality wool available to us. 


Growing up in Uruguay, Jay had attended agricultural school and thus had first hand experience with the methods used in caring for animals, including sheep. This led us to search for wool sources in Uruguay, knowing that the animals were treated well and the wool is of the best quality. Since then we've learned that Uruguay has grown to be a worldwide leader in wool production and has grown to this distinguished position using the highest standards for animal husbandry and environmental care. The companies we source our wool from all have Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and OEKO-Tex certifications. This means the wool they produce are verified to be crafted with the utmost care for the animals and the environment. These certifications extend to our superwash wools as well, with the facilities running almost entirely on renewable energy and treating the wastewater to re-use on the property. The treated water is used for the Eucalyptus trees, which are specifically planted and grown to fuel the boilers used in the facilities, thus  leaving zero environmental damage behind. 


Once we knew we were sourcing the best possible wool for our products, we were left with finding a way to craft the yarn in a way to increase strength without adding synthetic fibers. Working with our mills we were able to develop a very particular way to spin the yarn, which is different than any method done commercially. It turns out that this method also leads to a distinguished, characteristic look with pops of color and a depth unlike traditionally plied yarns. We could not be happier with this effect! And with this, our signature ply was born! 


While sourcing our wool and crafting our yarns, we have been working with farmers and companies that have been family owned for generations. Producing incredible wool yarns is in their blood, and they have honed their craft and continually work to improve the industry. We feel fortunate for the opportunity to work with these fine craftspeople to develop our products. We decided we want our company to honor their hard work and reflect everything that is behind our yarns. Thus, we've decided to name our company Laneras, as a nod to the places we source our  wool (lana) in Uruguay. 


We humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. We look forward to continuing this journey with you, bringing the work of these incredible farmers and artisans to create the best yarn we can. With this, we can craft all the beautiful things we can imagine.


May you find fulfillment in your making and joy in your hearts! 


With love,