Rocket Beanie

December 15, 2021 By laneras

We’ve been super excited about our new Montana super bulky base; we want to cast on all the things and knit with this lovely yarn all winter! Jay has been particularly excited about knitting up quick beanies using a pattern he made up, which we’re calling the Rocket Beanie, since it works up at the speed of a rocket! We’ve typed up the directions below, so you can knit some of these hats for yourself, or for all your friends and loved ones! 


One skein of Montana super bulky is enough to knit an adult size beanie. If you would like to adjust the size, we’ve included a chart for various sizing options below. 




One skein Montana Super Bulky

Size 11 and 15 US Knitting needles, in preferred form for knitting in the round (either DPNs, or magic loop)


Shown in colorways Cloud 9 and Good Old Days


Gauge: 8 stitches/4″ (10 cm) in twisted stockinette in the round on size 15 US/10mm



Pattern/directions for the Rocket Beanie:


Cast on 49 stitches using Long Tail Cast On with size 11 US, or one more stitch than you plan to use in the beanie. Join to work in round. Slip first cast on stitch from left needle to right. Pass last cast on stitch over the first cast on stitch, then move first cast on stitch back to left needle. Place beginning of round marker. Pull the two strands of yarn to tighten the stitches. This is done to ensure you have a smooth transition and no gap at the beginning of the round. If you would prefer not to do this, simply cast on 48 stitches and join to work in the round. 


Work in twisted rib, *knit 1 tbl, purl 1 tbl* around for 2.5 – 3 inches, or desired length.


Switch to size 15 needles and work in twisted stockinette, continuing to knit each stitch through the back loop, until hat measures about 5-6” from cast on. 


For a slouchier beanie, knit until 8″ from cast on, or desired length. 


Work crown decreases as follows:


Round 1: Knit 6, k2tog tbl around (42 stitches remaining)

Round 2: knit

Round 3; knit 5, k2tog tbl around (36 stitches remaining)

Round 4: knit

Round 5; knit 4, k2tog tbl around (30 stitches remaining)

Round 6: knit

Round 7; knit 3, k2tog tbl around (24 stitches remaining)

Round 8: knit

Round 9; knit 2, k2tog tbl around (18 stitches remaining)

Round 10: knit

Round 11; knit 1, k2tog tbl around (12 stitches remaining)

Round 12: knit

Round 13; k2tog tbl around (6 stitches remaining)


Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches. 


If a slouchier beanie is desired, start decreases with round 5 and do not do the knit rounds between decreases. So, for a slouchier beanie, decrease as follows: 


Round 1; knit 4, k2tog tbl around (40 stitches remaining)

Round 2; knit 3, k2tog tbl around (32 stitches remaining)

Round 3; knit 2, k2tog tbl around (24 stitches remaining)

Round 4; knit 1, k2tog tbl around (16 stitches remaining)

Round 5; k2tog tbl around (8 stitches remaining)


Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches


If you would like to make another size, simply cast on the number of stitches indicated below. If making a smaller size, you may not need to knit all of the decrease rounds. Simply stop once you have few enough stitches to draw your yarn through and pull them tight!

Stitches to Cast On
12 inches/30 cm
24 stitches
Child/Small Adult
16 inches/40 cm
32 stitches
Medium Adult
20 inches/51 cm
40 stitches
Large Adult
24 inches/60 cm
48 stitches

If you’re comfortable with gauge, you can use this pattern for any base, just multiply your gauge in stitches per inch by the desired circumference, and you have your number to cast on! Ideally, you’ll cast on a multiple of either 8 or 6, then you’ll start with the decrease row that matches the multiple of stitches you have.